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Let's move to Barbados

Fuck cold climates.

Fuck living in a city where one day it's plus 10 and rainy, then the next it drops to 13 below.
Fuck streets so fucking slippery you have to take a cab home from the grocery store that's 8 BLOCKS from your house.

Fuck sheets of ice you assume are frozen solid just like the rest of the goddamn street, but when you step on them plunge you ankle deep into freezing, dirty, filthy city slush.

Fuck you, Canada. Fuck you.
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what city do you live in?

it's fifteen here right now, but it just snowed for the second time in twenty years the other day.

Which...between June and September is paradise, but the rest of the time it cycles through the various circles of hell.

New Orleans... I went and visited Montreal this summer and I loved it actually. I told myself I'd make a trip back during the winter to see if I could bear the cold. That snow we had was kind of a freak thing, it almost never gets below freezing here.
Yes, you should come back! Despite what grumpy people like me might say, it's still a lovely city...even in winter (kinda). The party just moves indoors. I'd suggest going up north to the Laurentians to really have fun with the snow. Tobogganing/skiing all day then warming up by a fire...

From what I saw during my ridiculously short stay there, New Orleans is fantastic as well. Sipped a mint julep in a shady part of Jackson square and quite enjoyed myself :)
Ha ha, hoser!