Juliapoo (gulia123) wrote in fuck_everything,

men in small towns

18 year old male says:

I live in a coastal town so come summer time every fucker is out showing off the weight lifting they did in winter, I woof whistle at them so they think they're a gay icon which confuses them which in turn causes them to be more aggressive and stressed at work jeopardizing his chances of that raise which makes him go back and beat his girlfriend which causes her to leave him, which leads to his eventual alcohol abuse, but he builds a tolerance, alcohol just doesn't do what it used to when he was a kid so he moves on to some hardcore narcotics he buys from an old high school friend, now low on money he shares needles regularly, it all goes fine he doesn't see what people argue about all the time then one day he wakes up weak on his legs he sees a doctor and the inevitable is broken down to him, inside he always felt strong and he cant imagine being crippled to a point of dependence on others and takes his last few steps on the Bond tower, never felt bigger before he takes his last breath of the skyline air and falls.

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