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fuck_everything's Journal

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I hate you all.

"What the fuck just happened? Where did you come from? Something is happening here.

You're just a consumer!

Am I seeing you or just a packaged product? I'm seeing a fucking liar!

When the so-called alternative is happily accepted you can just blend right in.

And rebellions, now a market, not a response to injustice. And you dont even give a shit!

If you need it all spelled out for you than maybe this just isnt for you. Your world has nothing to do with ours.

Don't think you can buy respect, you gotta fuckin' earn it.

Above the petty bullshit we are plagued with everyday, don't need no trendy assholes standing in the way."

Do not join if you think you are:
a. a freak
b. not a freak
c. cool
d. goth
e. punk (and/or one if its stupid subgenres)
f. a rivethead
g. part of a "subculture" that wasn't mentioned.
h. "open-minded"
i. suicidal
j. trying to fit in
k. an "individual"
x. a suburbanite
y. a link whore
z. an idiot

Do not join, period. This is not a community, this a statement. This entity does not want you here.

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